Lausanne à Table I Événements gourmands de mai à décembre

Lausanne à Table propose plus de 30 événements gourmands, festifs et décalés de mai à décembre !

Convention & Statuts

Lausanne à Table is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote taste in all its forms, especially local artisans and their products from the Lausanne region, through gourmet events in Lausanne and its surroundings.

The Lausanne à Table events aim to be open to the public, based on the pleasure to eat and the discovery of local products and artisans.

Principes de Lausanne à Table

Lausanne à Table is structured around basic principles:

To reflect the richness and quality of the culinary heritage of the region, the artisans and their traditional craftsmanship

To promote and prioritize local quality and seasonal products

To emphasize contributors of the Romandie taste and communicate about their culinary initiatives

To boost exchanges between food professionals and the public, to invite sharing and discovery

To encourage conviviality and be open to all by means of affordable prices

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