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The association is happy to welcome almost 200 members.

Why joining the association ? 

  • to take part to an attractive program, which promotes local products and the know how.
  • to be able to propose events, which could be in the annual program.
  • to join a network and be able to promote your products
  • to be able to connect through different events and be on our directories’ website
  • to participate to the General assembly and different events
  • to be inclueded in Lausanne à Table’s communication tools
  • Pour rejoindre le groupe fermé Facebook réservé à nos membres et être au courant des appels d’offre et actualités gastronomiques

What do I have to do ? 

  • Pay your fee (CHF 50.- for private and CHF 200.- for companies)
  • Attend the General Assembly
  • Become the ambassador of Lausanne à Table
  • to be involved in the association and bring your skills and ideas


What’s the process ? 

please fill and and send the form

The Lausanne à Table’s Committee will vote for your membership

For any question please contact us  (

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Réseaux sociaux

Réseaux sociaux

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