216th Vins de Lausanne Auction

Since 1803, the city of Lausanne sells its Vins de Lausanne by auctioning, organized on the 2nd Saturday of December. It is the oldest wine auctioning in Europe, a living tradition registered in the Vaud intangible cultural Heritage.

This sale takes place in the emblematic Salle des Deux-Cents in the Lausanne city hall on Place de la Palud. It is the only opportunity of the year to purchase historical range lots of wines from the city of Lausanne.

Before the sale, there will be 2 evenings in which you will have the opportunity to taste vintages from the current year, as well as all the other wines from the city of Lausanne, in the Municipality’s carnotzet, usually close to the public.

Crédit photos | Francesca Palazzi

Free entry

registration not necessary (16 years old and up for the wine tasting)

Dates and hours

thursday December 6th: 6pm to 7:30pm: tasting in the carnotzet

friday December 7th: 6pm to 7:30 pm: tasting in the carnotzet

location: Municipality’s carnotzet (Place de la Palud, Passage de la Louve) 1002 Lausanne

saturday December 8th: 9am to noon: auction at Lausanne city hall, Place de la Palud 2, 1002 Lausanne

Crédit photos | Francesca Palazzi
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