A garden in the city

Fatima Ribeiro, Fraisier’s chef, and ceramist Sylvie Godel, propose an open-air meal in the Lausanne magnificent Botanical Garden. A la carte: mixed furniture, porcelain dishes, a array of recipes featuring herbs and plants, fruits and vegetables, in harmony with nature and the pleasure of eating.

For gourmets, a tea will be served in garden all afternoon long, under the shade of century-old trees, with small dishes and refreshing beverages.

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Dates and themes

Sunday June 3rd “Blooming our taste buds”
Sunday July 15th “Vegetables pictorial poetry”
Sunday August 26th “Harvest season”
Sunday September 9th “In pursuit of clouds”


Meal: noon, reservation required
Gourmet tea: 2pm to 6pm, open to all


Jardin Botanique
(en cas de mauvais temps : serre du Jardin Botanique)

TL : Délices (M2, bus) ; Fontenay (bus)

Meal Price

CHF 75 beverages not included,
CHF 30 for children up to 12 years old

Rain or shine (sheltered in the event of rain)

Meal reservation required

Fraisier Restaurant
Telephon : 021 625 31 92

Crédit photo Elise Heuberger Photographe
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