Awaken your senses

It’s hot, it’s sweet, it’s crunchy ! What does it look like with a paintbrush ?

When we eat and taste food, our 5 sense are awakened: sight provides format, color and shape; touch enables to feel weight, temperature and texture; smell detects thousand smells; taste perceives sour, salty, sweet, acid; hearing allows to hear what we eat, like something crunchy.

In this workshop, children will create a painting or a collage resulting from their sensory experience of food. A surprising and fun sensory experience for our little ones !

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October 5th
November 2nd


2 pm to 4 pm


Atelier Ardesia, Avenue Reymondin 15, Pully


between 6 and 12 years old


CHF 10.-

Registration required

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20 children maximum per workshop, without parents

Crédit photos | Lausanne à Table
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