It’s round, it’s green, it’s sweet, and you can find it in the best patisseries. What is it? The carac, obviously! Let’s pay tribute to this so vaudois pastry, with the world first ever carac’s marathon: the caracthon!

Will you be ready to taste the 10 best caracs from carefully selected patisseries?

You will have one month to taste them, rate them, and finally vote to elect the best carac from Lausanne!

Ready to take on the challenge? On your marks, get set, carac!

With the participation of 10 bakeries :


Boulangerie des Bergières, avenue Bergières 30

Chez Séverine et Luca, avenue de la Gare 2

Confiserie Nessi, rue du Temple 65

El Gato, rue Marterey 38

Le Petit Coin Gourmand, avenue de Cour 6A ou Servan 36

Les Délices du Théâtre, avenue Georgette 4

Maison Buet, rue Grand St-Jean 6 ou rue Haldimand 11

Manuel, rue du Bourg 28

Noz Chocolatier, rue Marterey 11

Pâtisserie Vincent, avenue du Théâtre 16


From June 1st to June 30


The registrations will open on 15th of May


CHF 43.- for the pass (10 caracs and a pins)