Chips party

One of the craziest Mexican contributions to the “street food” culture? Probably the Dorilocos! Original recipe: a bag of Doritos, garnished with different ingredients – cueritos (marinated pork rind), cubed cucumbers, grated carrots, soy sauce peanuts, salsa, lime juice, Haribo gummy bears… you got the concept.

La Cantine, Feel the Food and Studio Raphaël Lutz offer to revisit this outrageous creation in a local and sustainable way: homemade chips, local toppings, cheese sauce from our mountains, pickles and more surprises will be on the menu of this predictably crunchy day.

This event will continue into the evening with music and cocktails (with or without alcohol) to pair the dishes.

Crédit photos | Lausanne à Table


Saturday June 15th


11 pm to 22 pm


terrace of Chic Cham, Route de Prilly 2

TL : Montétan (bus)


CHF 9.-/portion with your choice of topping

free access

Rain or shine

Crédit photos | Lausanne à Table
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