Thursday 12 to Saturday 21 September

Have a gourmet stroll around Lausanne, meeting passionate chocolatiers. You can take the tour for one day, or for the entire duration of the event. A speciality created for the occasion is given out at each chocolate shop. 

A drawing is held at the end of the event, and with a bit of luck, you could win one of the many prizes.

With the participation of:  Ackermann Artisan Boulanger, Blondel, Maison Buet, Chocolaterie du Bugnon, Dürig Chocolatier, L’Espace Chocolat, Jacot Chocolaterie, Jorge Cardoso Chocolatier, Manuel Artisan Chocolatier and Noz Chocolatier.

Limited number of cards
Cards available at participating chocolate shops from Monday, September 2
Price 25.-

Photo credit: ©Chocotreck

The program