The Delight of Silence

A meal in silence, focused on the connected between food and mindfulness… Are you up for the experience?

This dinner will be in the form of a workshop, in the cosy setting of Caf’Taya, in Lausanne.

In the first part, Mariona Lopez (Mindful Eating) will initiate you to the basic principles of mindful eating, you will then experiment it while dinner unfolds. First in silence, then followed by a period of sharing.

Sylvie Ramel will be in the kitchen (Cuisine végétale. Un peu sauvage) preparing plant based dishes with a touch of raw food and wild cooking, to sharpen visual and gustatory senses of the guests.


60 CHF



saturday June 30th


11:30amp to 2pm


Caf’taya, Avenue des Alpes 1

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