Hummus and Wine – SOLDOUT

Hummus Records, the famous Romand’s label and the Brasserie de Montbenon, the face of Lausanne’s bistronomy, join forces to propose encounters between the Vaudois wine terroir and alternative music” “Hummus & Wine”. These original concert sessions will be organized with Swiss artists in cellars or at wine-growers estates of the Lausanne region. A Vaudois wine-maker will be celebrated before each concert with a tasting and/or an visit of the estate.

First official dates : 

August 22 : Surprise Guest @ Domaine Bovy, Chexbres, avec Eric Bovy

September 12 : Reverend Beat-Man @ Domaine Daley, Lutry, avec Cyril Séverin

September 19 : Louis Jucker @Buttin-de-Loës, Grandvaux, avec Pierre Fonjallaz

October 3 : The Giant Robots @ Château Rochefort, Allaman, avec Enrico Antonioli

October 17 : Stéphane Block @ Château de Vuillerens

November 14 : Closet Disco Queen @ Domaine Potterat, avec Guillaume Potterat


Programme and tickets 

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More dates and concerts to come


CHF 20.- to CHF 40.-





Visit and tasting : 16 pm

Concerts : 17.30 pm

Can take place in all weathers