Il Pranzo della domenica

Théâtre 2.21
Rue de l’Industrie 10, 1005 Lausanne

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Featuring local organic produce sourced directly from producers,  Si Mangia ! takes you through all the steps involved in making lasagna al ragù, ravioli in all its forms, and pasta lunga such as Tuscan pici or maccheroni calabresi.  

Join in to prepare a meal together to be shared around a large table. 

Si Mangia! offers three workshops: 

  • Pasta ripiena,ravioli in all its forms 
  • Pasta lunga e salse, Pasta lunga and salse, fresh pasta and sauces
  • Les lasagnes Sunday lasagna

Adult with meal 60.-
Student – AVS – AI with meal 50.-
Child (-12) with meal 30.-

Photo credit: ©MyriamZiehli

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