In the shoes of a tasteful artisan

The principle? Meet the region’s best artisans, make it yourself and taste your creations! Gin, Mozza, Ice Creams, Fresh Pasta, Oil, Sourdough Breads. Choose your favorite workshop.

Workshop 1 : Discover ice cream’s secrets / at Loom

Have you ever had to wait in front of the famous Gelateria Loom, right in the middle of the neighborhood located under the train station? Well, now you will have the possibility to spend some time inside! Discover ice cream manufacturing secrets (not all of them!) from François Lador – artisan ice cream maker. Manufacture some of them and leave with a tub of your favorite flavors. A must for this summer.

Leave with: 1 liter ice cream tub (choices of flavors)

Location: Gelateria Loom 1900. Boulevard de Grancy 45, 1006 Lausanne

Artisan: François Lador

Dates & hours :

From 9am to noon

July 3, August 7, September 4,  October 2, November 6, December 4

Number of participants : Max. 3 people

Price: CHF 110.- / person

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Workshop 2 : Distill your own gin / at Distillerie La Roja

Did you know that that gin is made from wheat? And where does it grow (organic)?

In the Gros-de-Vaud! It was a good reason for Julien Hottinger and Antoine Delorme to set up their impressive still, worthy of a fantasy film, to produce tailor made gins. Come and discover this crazy machine and distill your own gin. Good luck choosing the spices that will flavor your future beverage!


Leave with: two 50cl bottles of your own gin

Location: Distillerie La Roja. Moulin Bornu 2, Pompaples, La Sarraz (VD)

Artisans: Julien Hottinger and Antoine Delorme

Dates and hours:

2pm to 5.30pm

July 10, August 8, September 25,  October 16, November 27, December 4

Number of participants : Max. 6 people

Price: CHF 195.- / person

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Workshop 3 : Discover oil manufacturing at Moulin de Sévery

A true institution rooted in the region for seven generations, the Moulin de Sévery will initiate you to “hot-pressing”: a traditional method to produce artisanal oils (walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, etc.) Let yourself be enchanted by this highly olfactive universe and old machines while you will be breaking, crushing and pressing oleaginous.

Leave with : walnut oil

Location: Moulin de Sévery, Route du Moulin 10, 1141 Sévery

Artisan: Jean-Luc Bovey & the oil artisans

Dates and hours :

10.45am to 11.45am OR 2pm to 3.45pm

July 9,  August 27,  September 10, October 8, November 12, December 3

Price: CHF 70.-/ person

Number of participants : Max. 2 people

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Workshop 4 : Knead your sourdough bread / at the Ferme Iseli

Many of us tried to make sourdough bread during the lockdown (and let’s be honest, miserably failed!) Christina de Raab Iseli demystifies leaven’s secrets and she will help you bake one. Unusual point: you will not be in a traditional bakery but in a farm and, ultimate luxury, you will be using organic cereals from her own harvest to make your bread!

Leave with: your sourdough bread, your leaven, 1 kilo of flower from the Ferme Iseli

Location: Ferme Iseli, Route de Dizy 1, 1315 La Sarraz

Artisan: Christina de Raab Iseli

Dates & Hours

From 1.30pm to 5pm

June 19 and 26, July 17, August 7, October 9 and 16, November 6 and 13

Price: CHF 120.- / person

Number of participants : Max. 5 people

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Workshop 5 : make mozzarella & burrata / at Mozza’Fiato

“We don’t exclusively eat mozzarella with tomatoes or on a pizza”! After this statement, father and son will tell you everything about the production of their mozzarella 100% from the Vaud region. They will then teach you the unique gesture to make it. Once comfortable with it, reach the second level by making burrata and stracciatella (you will learn that it is not ice cream…) Roll up your sleeves!

Prepare your next appetizer.

Leave with: your mozzarellas, burratas and straciatella.

Location: Mozza’Fiato, Rue de la Poste 2, 1148 Cuarnens

Artisans: Gerardo & Pascal Rotonda

Dates & hour:

From 4pm to 6pm

July 9, August 20, September 24, October 22,  November 12, December 3

Price: CHF 85.- / person

Registration > HERE

Workshop 6 : Make your own fresh pasta / at Liggs

Chioccioline, gnocchi, fusilli or rigatoni… Enrico manufactures all sorts of fresh pasta, but with his own magic trick that makes the whole difference: he uses corn and legume flours. The rest is made without the slightest deviation from traditions and know-how of Italian pasta. Certo! Put on your apron and get your hands dirty!

Leave with:

Location: Liggs, Rue du Midi 2, 1003 Lausanne

Artisan: Enrico Liggeri

Dates and hour:

Dates & Heure:

From 6pm to 8.30pm

June 24, July 8, Augst 26, September 23, October 21, November 18, December 2

Price: CHF 95.- / person

Number of participants : Max. 4 people

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Price, dates, hours and registration detailed on each workshop


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