Lausanne à Table I Événements gourmands de mai à décembre

Lausanne à Table propose plus de 30 événements gourmands, festifs et décalés de mai à décembre !

Bread, cheese and the Baronnie du Dezaley!

With the lack of a Swiss King, we have the Barons Vaudois, who risk their life to defend their prestigious appellation Dézaley against the miscreants. The parc will be colorful with their flags and noble bakers and cheese artisans will nourish you.

A celebration of Dézaley’s wine (with the presence of 11 Barons and Baronesses), artisanal baking and cheese making in the pretty Parc de Montbenon.



from 6pm to midnight


parc de Montbenon


wine list

free entry

Canceled in case of rain