Lausanne Beer Celebration

Lausanne Beer Celebration motto is drink less, savor more!

This Swiss Craft Beer Festival gathers 16 breweries: a selection among the most talented in Switzerland, as well as some emblematic European breweries.

The goal? To inform and promote to the public at large about current trends with creative, non-standardized and original beers.

Come and discover new hopping flavors among food stands, enthusiastic people and a festive atmosphere!

Prelocs to avoid waiting queues:


Internationals : Beerbliotek (Sweden) | Oproer (Netherland) | Birra Toccalmatto (Italy) | Wylam Brewery (Great-Britain)

Swiss : À tue-tête | Brasserie Cayon | Chien Bleu | Cinq 4000 | La Nébuleuse | L’Apaisée | Brasserie de l’Atelier Sàrl | Echec & Malt | Brasserie BlackPig | Brasserie Trois Dames | Whitefrontier | Brasserie de la Mine (winner of the amteur brewer 2017 competition)



Crédit photos ©funambuline

Dates and Hours

Friday May 25th: 4pm to midnight
Saturday May 26th: noon to midnight


Cantine de Sauvabelin
Public transports : Signal (bus)


1 glass: 6 CHF
1 sampling chip: 3 CHF
Starter pack: 9 chips plus glass: 30 CHF
Standard pack: 20 chips plus glass: 60 CHF
Beer Lover pack: 25 chips plus glass: 90 CHF


Free entry

Rain or shine

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