Lausanne Jardins at the Table

Théâtre Vidy‐Lausanne
Av. E.-H.-Jaques-Dalcroze 5 Lausanne

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Join us at the Vidy lakeshore to discover some of  Lausanne Jardins before sitting down for dinner in the Vidy meadow and enjoying a vegetarian menu imagined by Aux Complices. A moment halfway between city and lake, where nature invites itself onto your plate.

A cultural event combining the art of gardening and reflection on the city, Lausanne Jardins takes up residence on the shores of Lake Geneva from June 15 to October 5, 2024, sixty years after Expo 64. With the theme “Between Water and Us”, the event sets itself the challenge of changing our perception of water in the city and transforming our relationship with this resource.

Limited number of seats
Adult with drinks 85.-
AVS – AI – Unemployed with drinks 75.-

Photo credit: ©Lausanne Jardins

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