Literary ephemeral tables – SOLD OUT

During gourmet’s book month, Lausanne à Table proposes four exclusive and unusual gastronomic meals in Lausanne book’s places. These ephemeral tables invite Lausanne’s chefs to get their inspiration from the mythical cookbooks of gastronomy heritage and concoct an unforgettable meal for an single table.

Table 1 / Youth Library 

A fun and gourmet menu inspired by the classics of children’s literature in the heart of this library. This is what this evening will offer you, orchestrated by Romano Hasenauer, chef of the Auberge du Chalet-des-Enfants.

Location :  Bibliothèque Jeunesse (repas adultes-enfants)
Chef :Romano Hasenauer – l’Auberge du Chalet-des-Enfants
Date : Friday october 9
Time : 19h

Table 2 / Gastéréa Librairie

In the heart of a small and cozy gourmet Ali-Baba cave dedicated to ancient and modern cookbooks, the Chef of the Alimentarium Philippe Ligron interprets a historic bestseller from the 15th century, Du fait de cuisine, from Maistre Chiquart, Chef at the Savoy Cour.

Location : Librairie Gastéréa
Chef : Philippe Ligron
Date : Friday October 16th
Hours : 19h30

Table 3 / Galerie Univers

What better place than this galery, which combines books, sculptures and painting in the heart of Lausanne ? Let’s embark on the poetic and colorful artistic universe of Fatima Ribeiro, Fraisier’s Chef.

Location : La Galerie Univers
Chef : Fatima Ribeiro
Date : Friday October 23th
Hours : 19h30

Table 4 / Lausanne Palace Library

Haven of peace and books dedicated to the pleasure of reading, the Bibliotheca opens up the Lausanne Palace’s Brigade to celebrate the love of food of different writers, from Colette to Dumas , carry to terrestrial foods.

Location : Biblioteca du Palace Lausanne
Chef : Team of Lausanne Palace
Date : Friday October 31th
Hours : 19h30


CHF 100.-/person (beverages included)

Registration required

Draw done

October’s gourmet’s book

Cookbooks, beautiful books or recipe books are since the dawn of time an integral part of gourmets’ life and cooking amateurs! During October, Lausanne book’s places – bookstores, libraries, publishers – will bring to life the cookbook in all its forms! Thematic store windows, meeting with authors, cooking workshops and gourmet tales for children: Lausanne à Table and Bibliothèque et Archives de la Ville de Lausanne will celebrate, this autumn, the marriage of taste and literature!