Poetry of the Potato

Alexandra Gentile and Laurent Baier invite you to a multifaceted show combining the art of storytelling, theater with objects, anthropology and cuisine in order to recount the journey of humankind… from a potato point of view.

Sometimes profound and sometimes light-hearted, the performance brings to light Homo Sapiens, in all their splendor and decadence.

During the performance, artists will blend historical anecdotes and local potato-based bites, with an absurd sense of humor.

A journey through human culture to enjoy with your imagination and your taste buds.


30 CHF


mail at: compagnietoutoutre@gmail.com


saturday June 30th
sunday July 1st


3pm and 8pm


le LAB, Chemin de la Meunière 16, Prilly

public transport: Prilly-Galicien (bus, train), Flumeaux (bus)

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