Raisinée and vacherin

Like our elders in the countryside, the Brasserie de Montbenon simmers the annual cooked wine, with the apple juice from the orchard of our friends Pom Pom. While the cauldron simmers, we will take the opportunity to introduce you to the mind-blowing wines from the Marie-Thérèse Chappaz estate, followed by the oven-baked vacherin of André Meylan, highlighted on the lunch menu and served on the terrace. Cooked wine tart all afternoon until nightfall.

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Sunday November 3rd


aperitif-tasting of the Chappaz’s estate : 11 am
lunch : starting at noon
wine cooking and aperitif : all day long


Brasserie de Montbenon’s terrace

TL : Flon (M2, bus)


menu prices


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Crédit photos | Lausanne à Table
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