Skinny Dipping in the Vineyards

Domaine de Bory
Chemin de Bory 40, 1095 Lutry


Sedef and the Domaine de Bory invite you to a daring culinary experience with a delicious menu. The principle ? Courageously dip your food into the sauce. We put all the dishes in the center of the table and dip everything, thus revealing explosions of new flavors.

This concept, full of nostalgia for our childhood years when sauce was our little greedy sin, now offers us the freedom to give in to this temptation without hindrance. The once secret practice that we did away from the disapproving gaze of our parents becomes legion with this 100% sauce menu. Delicious!

In the heart of the Domaine de Bory in the Lavaux vineyards with a breathtaking view of Lake Geneva, come and try the dipping menu!

Price including a welcome drink 80.-

Photocredit: ©Domaine de Bory

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