Swiss Coffee Connection

The forth  edition of the festival dedicated to coffee in Romandie wishes to bring together “coffee-lovers” and professionals from the coffee world.

Artisans, roasters, machines manufacturers, baristas and all artisans of the field will be there.

Come taste specialty coffee, artisan-to-cup!


Opening 9am
Visit the fair / Free tasting / Workshop / Musical showcase / Brunch

Workshops Coffee as a rituals in ethnics and cultures
Experts take you on an exploration to discover coffee in many facets, come participate and discuss.

Cafezinho – The culture of Brazilian coffee, Sat-Sun 11am, Workshops Room.
Coffeologist and founder of, Suyan will evoke the terroirs of her country of origin, and will provide her advice on how to make a Brazilian Cafezinho filter coffee to perfection.

Read in the marc, Fortune telling and Turkish coffee tradition, Sat 12:30 pm, Workshops room.
Coffee and Turkish culture are inextricably linked. Esra Seker Baggio will come and present to us this strong mystical bond, which is expressed through reading the marc. She will also suggest fortune telling to volunteers.

Café – History, trend & innovation, Sat-Sun 2pm, Workshops Room.
Coffee has a centuries-old history. It has evolved, until our time. Where does the coffee come from? How did specialty coffee take off? Suyan The caffeologist and founder of, will provide us with her precious answers.

Ethiopian ceremony, at the cradle of the café, Sat-Sun 11:30 am and 1:30 pm, Ethiopia stage.
No need to remember that coffee originate from Ethiopia. Enough to make a detour through the tradition of Ethiopian coffee roasted on charcoal and served with a Jebena by Mekdes Alemu, Camokka kaffee roaster. Sharing assured!

Dervish Café, the café of the heart, Sat-Sun 3pm, Music stage.
With the soul rocked by the music of the group Dervish Spirit and the intervention of Sheikh Abd El Hafîd Benchouk, you will dive into the heart of a ceremony that reveals the sacred at the heart of the coffee tradition. “Coffee is black, but it whitens the heart” Turkish Proverb. In this workshop, La Maison Soufie from Paris will offer you more than a real Ottoman café. A spiritual experience. Hot sand, music, meditation and black coffee. Rythme the souls.

Latte Art Battle, SA-DI 11 am-2pm, Latte Art Corner by la Marzocco, and Baristacarlsblend
Demonstrations and workshops. In the form of a competition, volunteers will be able to train under the guidance of the pros aka @philippe_gobat, @greg___raymond and @dariopieber and then compete in creativity in the cups of and on @lamarzocco machines. Open to everyone. Free registration on site 15min before. Direct elimination, move on to the next round and whoever wins receives a prize.

from 10 a.m. Latte Art demonstration (continuous workshop) Carasso and Latte Art Corner stand
Hearts, flowers, happiness drawn on coffee with the foam of milk. An ephemeral art that fits in a cup.
by Grégory Raymond, Swiss Champion Latte Art 2019 and 2020, Carasso

from 4pm 16h00 2020 Aeropress Swiss Championchip (Saturday only!)

Closing 6pm

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9:00am to 6:00pm


SEV52, Avenue de Sévelin 52, 1004 Lausanne

TL : EPSIC (bus) or Vigie (M2)


tasting glass CHF 10 (not mandatory)

Free entry

COVID info

Covid certificate and identity document required