The ephemeral workshop of urban honey – SOLD OUT

With Matière Brute and the Ville de Lausanne, come discover the world of bees and honey-making. In two hours, you will go through five distinct universes that will lead to potting:


  • Learn the shapes and unique names of the tools specific to apiculture
  • Discover the (uninhabited) inside of the queen’s palace and her subjects
  • Meet the “Queen bee” from Lausanne in person, she will whisper her tiny secrets.
  • Find out what uncapping means and try it!
  • After the extraction, fill jars of honey and proudly leave with honey totally from Lausanne.

In order to have nature co-exist inside the city and promote the importance of bees in our ecosystem, the Ville de Lausanne owns, since 2011, 12 beehives within different parcs and public spaces. The quality or this urban honey is excellent because the city has banned use of pesticides. Furthermore, the nectar is made of thirty to fifty different flowers and plant species, which is very rare compare to countryside honey.

Crédits photos | Jean-Bernard Sieber



First session: 9.30am to 11.30am

second session: 1.30pm to 3.30pm


Chemin du Bois-Gentil 3

TL: ligne 1 arrêt Parc Vélodrome, ligne 3 arrêt Casernes, ligne 21 arrêt Beau-Site


CHF 35.- / personne including 2 hours of worshop and a 500g honney


Adult (16 and up) or parent-child activity. Children 8 years old and up.