Charter of the Lausanne à Table association

The association’s aim is to promote and showcase the expertise of craftsmen and women, small-scale producers and taste merchants, as well as their local, seasonal, quality products. Through its actions, it encourages conviviality and sharing, and helps raise awareness of the importance of eating well.

Les événements de Lausanne à Table ont pour ambition d’être ouverts à la population, basés sur le plaisir de manger et la découverte des produits et artisans locaux.

Lausanne à Table principles

Lausanne à Table is built around fundamental principles:

Organize and promote popular events designed to liven up the city and contribute to its appeal.

Create, develop and animate a network to promote exchanges and synergies between its members.

Reflect the richness and quality of the region’s culinary heritage, artisans and their craft skills.