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10 Swiss specialities to enjoy in Lausanne

Our region and its surroundings are full of the sweet and the savory—almost always invigorating, whether enjoyed in the summer or winter. So, let’s have a look at what’s available.

Vaudois Leek and Cabbage Sausage 

An essential duo in the canton, leek and potato “papet” goes wonderfully with the Vaudois cabbage sausage. Since 2009, every first Friday at noon, a “Papet Day” celebrates this dish with thousands of portions served by Vaudois butchers. You don’t need to wait until next October: this brasserie dish can be enjoyed in popular places like  Pinte BessonLe Vaudois or Café Romand.

La Salée au Sucre

A true emblem of the regional culinary heritage, this cream dessert (translated as salted with sugar) has delighted us since the early 20th century, served in slices or individual portions. According to the votes of the 2023 Salée au Sucre Trot, the gold, silver, and bronze medalists are available respectively at Boulangerie Chez Séverine et LucaLe Romantica Confiserie Tea-room and Confiserie Christian Boillat.

Vaudois Pâté

In June 2023, the 4th Vaudois Pâté World Championship took place in Vevey, highlighting its importance in the local culinary scene. A good crust, meat, and a hint of jelly on top make up its essential components.  Le Petit Encas in Etagnières or the  Boulangerie Bidlingmeyer in Chexbres respectively won the first prize in the “professionals” and “apprentices” categories at the 2023 Vaudois Pâté World Championship.

Le carac

This tartlet filled with chocolate ganache and topped with green icing is a delight for sweet tooths. In 2021, a Carac-athon was held. Tasters traveled from north to south in Lausanne to vote for their favorites. It can be found in most bakeries in the region and is even done in pink during October as part of the breast cancer awareness campaign. The Carac d’Or (gold) was won by  Noz Chocolatier and the bronze by  Maison Buet.


Legend has it that Swiss fighters invented this fried cheese donut on a slice of bread during the 19th-century siege of the Malakoff fortress during the Crimean war. After three Malakoff World Championships organized by Lausanne à Table since 2021, the Malakoff d’Or winners were, in order,  Au Cœur de la Côte in Vinzel, l’Auberge Communale du Mont-sur-Lausanne and finally Hôtel Rivage de Lutry in 2023.


Whether half-and-half, Fribourg style, with mushrooms, or tomato-based, a good fondue is a convivial dish par excellence. The enthusiasm for Lausanne à Table’s Fondue d’Automne or the Fondue World Championship in Tartegnin (next edition in mid-November 2023) is proof of its popularity. Fortunately, it can be prepared at home year-round with artisanal cheese blends from dairies like  Macheret Fromage. Cafés such as  Café du Grütli, Chalet Hydda éphémère du Vieux Lausanne  orAuberge du Chalet des Enfants are renowned for their fondue pots.


Another star of Swiss gastronomy, raclette recently had its first World Championship in October 2023 in Morgins. Without having to travel to our Valais neighbors, it can be enjoyed comfortably at home after a visit to the cheese dairy or in certain restaurants such as Chalet Suisse, from December to February. You can also enjoy a good raclette at  Bô Noël (Lausanne Christmas markets) and the Youth International Chamber of Lausanne!

taillé aux greubons

Made with puff pastry filled with “greubons” (dough made with residue from melted lard), the “taillé” is often rectangular and sometimes transformed into a sandwich with a filling. To taste the first Vaud + labeled and 100% local “taillé aux greubons,” visit the  Ça Rupe stand at the market on Saturdays.

Le rösti

Finely grated and pan-fried potatoes form a ready-to-be-topped galette; the rösti is a dish that gets stomachs back on track. Originating from German-speaking Switzerland, it is found throughout the country and can be enjoyed at places like  Vieil-Ouchy,  Café de l’Europe or Aux Trois Rois, for example, alongside Zurich-style sliced meat.

Vaud Sausage

… okay, okay, this last specialty is an outsider: Swiss IGP veal sausages come either from Glarus (Glarner Kalberwurst) or St. Gallen (St. Galler Kalbsbratwurst). Staying in Lausanne, barbecue enthusiasts can find what they need at Boucherie Maillefer or Bouche Qui Rit.

*This blog article is not a ranking; the order is random.