Lausanne à Table I Événements gourmands de mai à décembre

Lausanne à Table propose plus de 30 événements gourmands, festifs et décalés de mai à décembre !

Picnic basket delights for August 1, 2023

Our picnic baskets for the August 1st Swiss National day have all been snapped up, but not to worry: the local produce they featured can be found in the region year-round. Here’s a list of producers and addresses to inspire future aperitifs

La Terrienne lemonades

Alongside its wine production, the Cave La Terrienne, between Luins and Lausanne, has developed 2 non-alcoholic “lemonade” drinks, based on a mixture of grape juice, verjuice, and water – and nothing else! Available in white or rosé.

Craft beers from La Brasserie du Singe and Magic Hop

Founded in in the Lausanne region in 2014 and 2016, respectively, these 2 micro-breweries have each developed a cheerful range of beers that can be found in various local outlets.

La Brasserie du Singe and Magic Hop

City of Lausanne wine

The largest public winegrower in the country since 1536, the City of Lausanne works with winegrowers across more than 33 hectares and 5 estates in the Dézaley, Lavaux, and La Côte appellations. For the August 1st basket, a historic Chasselas from the Domaine du Burignon was chosen for the occasion. Cheers!

Les vins de la Ville de Lausanne

Dried sausage at La Bouche Qui Rit

The counters of this downtown butcher’s shop, renowned for its meats and other delicacies (their meat rissoles on market days are excellent), also offer charcuterie, such as the dry sausage featured in the August 1st basket.

La Bouche Qui Rit, Rue de la Madeleine 10, lundi-vendredi 7h-19h et samedi 7h-18h

Raw vegetables from Jardins de Chivrageon

A charming micro-farm near Aubonne, Jardins de Chivrageon naturally cultivates nearly 250 varieties of plants. They regularly organize events, workshops, tapas tables, and brunches every Sunday, and they have selected seasonal crudités for the basket.

Les Jardins de Chivrageon, En Chivrageon 15 à Aubonne, tous les jours 8h-21h

Salads from the Spot

Known for its colorful poke bowls made entirely from local ingredients (no avocado or tuna from the other side of the planet here), the Spot has come up with some lovely salads for a touch of freshness in the basket.

Le Spot, Rue du Midi 12, lundi-mercredi 10h-15h, jeudi-vendredi 10h-17h et samedi 11h-14h

Taralli at Mangiobevo

These little ring-shaped Italian savoury cookies are a welcome addition to any aperitif. In addition to concocting generous panini, Mangiobevo is also a delicatessen brimming with products from the Botte region.

Mangiobevo, Avenue de France 68, mardi-vendredi 11h-14h30 et 16h-19h30, samedi 10h-30-16h30

Ça Rupe greubon flutes

Founded in 2020, this brand has launched the first 100% local, Vaud+ labeled greubon flute (a breadstick infused with crunchy bits of fried lard). It can be found at Saturday markets and festivals. Crispy greubon flutes have been chosen for the basket.

Ça Rupe

Gruyère AOP from Macheret Fromages

A long-standing supplier of the cheeses that make up Lausanne à Table’s Autumn Fondue, Macheret Fromages is at it again for the basket, with a fine Gruyère AOP.

Macheret Fromages, Rue Pré-du-Marché 3, lundi-vendredi 8h45-18h30 et samedi 8h-18h

Bread from Boulangerie Bidlinmeyer

Did you know that 8 generations have worked here? With a panoramic terrace in Chexbres boasting a prime view of Lavaux and the lake, this popular bakery offers a wide variety of breads, pastries, viennoiseries and delicious butter flutes.

Boulangerie Bidlinmeyer, Grand Rue 1 à Chexbres, lundi-samedi 6h15-19h et dimanche 7h-19h

Gherkins and mustard from Hugo Reitzel

Regulars at Lausanne à Table’s Autumn Fondue are familiar with Hugo Reitzel’s crunchy Swiss gherkins. In the August 1st basket, they were accompanied by a jar of mustard, for a touch of pep.

Hugo Reitzel

Hummus from Ferme de Lilan

Just established in 2021, this permaculture farm is located in Bavois, on the Orbe plain, and spans 7-hectares. Specializing in aromatic and medicinal herbs, it also makes its own products following the “from seed to plate” concept, such as hummus, eggplant and tomato caviar, zucchini-basil-cinnamon jam, and syrups.

Ferme de Lilan

Les Biscuits d’Agathe 

Chocolate chip, lemon, golden butter or carameuhles cookies: these are just some of Agathe’s sweet treats. They are made with eighty percent Swiss products. Savory versions with organic Gruyère or herbs, as well as butter flutes, are also available.

Les Biscuits d’Agathe

 Mawoo maple syrup peanuts 

Coated with organic maple syrup from the Mawoo founders’ Canadian maple grove, these gourmet peanuts are made in Morat. The brand also offers various maple syrups/butter/jelly/sugar/pips/caramel, as well as granola and puffed oats.


Sesame cheesecake from Sedef Pâtisserie

Well-known for its pretty and delicious choux pastries – as well as its cardamom-scented hot chocolate, featured in our January 2023 article – this patisserie also makes other sweet treats such as cookies, cakes and cakes.

Sedef Pâtisserie, Galerie Benjamin-Constant 1, mardi-samedi 9h-18h