Rétrospective 2023

This year, once again, the Lausanne à Table program delighted the people of Lausanne with 47 events spanning more than 80 dates!

Dive into the 2023 retrospective and discover the gourmet moments that brought food lovers together

Glug, glug, glug…

Once again, beverages took center stage at several events!

With Happy Wine Flon, Le Chasselas de la vigne à l’assiette, la Fête des Vigneronnes, Hummus & Wine and the 221ème Mise aux enchères, wine lovers had plenty to drink!

For beer lovers,  Lausanne Beer Celebration brought together over twenty brewers!

And without alcohol, the party was just as good, thanks to  Swiss Coffee Connection !

Miam Festival

The sun – and the gourmands – were out in force for the 5th edition of the  Miam Festival ! With concerts and entertainment, and around 50 food trucks, it was a festive Pentecost weekend at the Place de la Riponne!

Competition for Gluttons

Once again, the people of Lausanne were able to vote for their favorite delicacies in two competitions:

Lovers of sweet treats took to the streets of Lausanne for  La Trotte de la Salée au Sucre !

And cheese lovers found their place on the jury of the 3ème Championnat du monde de Malakoffs !

Blending Culture with Gourmet Delights 

Whether at a museum, the cinema or with music, gourmets and art lovers were able to combine their passions in one evening with Un Repas avec Colette, a Brunch-concert aux Jardins de Chivrageon, the Marché du Film and the Palais Gourmand !


Treat yourself while you stroll along the shores of our splendid Lake Geneva – that’s the winning combo offered by la Grande broche du Bordul, Pizz’cyclables et Ouchy fête son lac !

Culinary Journeys  

From Italy to Japan, by way of Lebanon, your taste buds were able to experience a trip around the world thanks to  La Tavolata, Aux Complices : Atelier bento, La Table Libanaise or Cours de pâtes fraiches and un Aliment, une histoire !

Autumn Flavors  

The long coats are out, the leaves have turned yellow; summer has given way to autumn and its after-season events! The famous  Fondue d’automne, the Marché Pro Specie Rara, l’Atelier champignons and the Table des hôtes du Jorat made for a smooth, flavorful transition!

To the Table!

In a nod to its name, the Lausanne à Table program featured a variety of events that took place… at the table! From  Tables éphémères, and Tables conviviales chez les lausannois, to Pop-up Dinner, Mise en place Cooks, the Brunch 100% végétalien chez Tibits, the Pintes ouvertes and Tea-Time Grancy, there was no shortage of opportunities to sit down and share a meal!

Get Some Fresh Air 

Nature lovers were delighted by the various outdoor events! Sports fans won the pétanque tournament at  Pik’n’Boule, and gourmets roamed the streets of Lausanne in search of the best chocolate at the Chocotreck ! Visites à la ferme, Panier Pique-nique du 1er août, legram à Chivrageon and the Marché de Noël du Beau-Rivage Palace rounded off the outdoor activities.

Have a finger in the pie

The more hands-on among you were able to practice their culinary skills in a variety of workshops, including  Ateliers d’Amaretto, the Ateliers culinaires: à la découverte des produits Presidi, Partage ton fromage and Dans la peau d’un.e artisan.e du goût !

Festive and offbeat 

The Grand Loto de Lausanne à Table, and the Soirée Cocktails dessinés provided the dose of madness needed to make the 2023 program a varied, festive and gourmet set of events!

A great program like this is nothing without the wonderful public that you are, so thank you for your loyalty and your presence at our events !

A great program like this is nothing without the wonderful public that you are, so thank you for your loyalty and your presence at our events! A special thank you to our incredible members, who overflow with creativity and motivation every year, proposing ever more gourmet and unique events.

Thank you to our invaluable sponsors (ABPCV, GastroLausanne, GastroVaud, Le gruyère AOP, Inovil SA, Lausanne tourisme, Le Palais de Rumine, Valentine, Vaud+ Certifiés d’ici, Ville de Lausanne and les Domaines de la Ville de Lausanne).

Don’t miss the unveiling of the new 2024 program at the beginning of May!